Schott NYC for 3sixteen Collab Perfecto

June 08, 2016

Schott NYC for 3sixteen Collab Perfecto

On Thursday, June 9th, 3sixteen's collab Perfecto with Schott NYC releases.  In the SOP camp, we've been keeping this secret for a very long time, and we're very stoked for our friends at 3sixteen on what we are 1000% positive is going to be a huge hit and sell out quickly.  

What is no secret to anyone is what huge supporters of Schott NYC we are--the brand AND the people behind the brand.  So, when the stars aligned to enable 3sixteen to do this collaboration a reality and for SOP to stock the 519 316 Perfecto, I jumped at the chance to put in the biggest order possible!  Unbeknownst to me, it also turns out that my friend (and head-to-foot size twin), Milo Ventimiglia modeled this jacket for 3sixteen in their photo shoot last week.  

This morning, our crazy talented videographer/ woodworker neighbor & friend, Dan Shetron, dominated an impromptu shoot on the Peninsula in some very tasty marine layer, courtesy of 'June Gloom.'  I'm especially stoked on this mini shoot here in Long Beach because the collab jacket was literally designed to be lightweight enough for year-round wear, functional for riders and general everyday use, with a decidedly modern/ urban aesthetic thanks to some of the detail (and lack of detail) choices, like no stars or belt and monochromatic hardware.  

Schott NYC for 3sixteen Perfecto 

Same fit as the 519 Perfecto (i.e. fitted silhouette that's longer in the torso with slim sleeves from shoulder to cuff) but in a naked cowhide that's lighter weight & less pebbled than the classic 519.  

Epaulets without the signature one-star hardware you find on a classic Perfecto and black snaps and zippers for a modern, monochromatic (aka "murdered out") appearance.  

Raw Japanese selvedge chambray lining throughout body & satin sleeve lining, chambray interior 'gun pocket,' and busted seam down center back with self edge detail.  


Unique (removable) "snap cap" featuring co-branded artwork designed by Good Art HLYWD, custom made of .925 sterling silver.


I now own the 519 Perfecto and 603 Cafecto, but you know I had to get this one, too.  One of only 100 total made, and different enough from the others to justify all three.