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We're happy to now be offering chainstitch hemming, available on our entire jean collection.

Nine Lives

Nine Lives is a co-venture between Japan-born Kotaro Sato and LA-born Ian Segal.  Kotaro and Ian are co-designers, and, while the brand is Japan based and produced, the aesthetic is its own.  Inspired by American heritage/ workwear but very uniquely modernized in both design and fit, Nine Lives blurs the lines between work and leisure.  

The very first piece I saw and instantly knew I had to have is the incredible varsity jacket you've seen floating around on the interwebs.  This single garment pretty much sums up what I love about this brand so much.  It's impossible to re-invent the wheel, but Nine Lives has definitely put a new tread on it.  Classic and not.  Vintage and not.  Fashion and not.  Workwear and not.