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The Cure for Common

Peepaw's All-Time Favorite Things (of the week)

If you've ever visited SOP or interacted with Ben online, you've likely come across an item we carry that he cannot contain his excitement about us carrying and him being able to wear as an honest-to-god profession.

Although it is never intended to be a lie, Ben has a steadily rotating list of 6 or 7 all-time favorite things. We thought it would be fun to give everyone an idea of what Ben's been peeping in the shop on a regular basis. Behold, in no particular order, Peepaw's All Time Favorite Things (of the week)!

-Schott 603 Cafecto: Because duh... It's the G.O.A.T. which for those not in the know, translates to Greatest (Schott) of All Time

-3sixteen BDU Shirt in Olive Back Satin: We might not be fully there yet, here in SoCal, but this BDU in an incredibly soft "back satin" is probably the best, most versatile piece in the whole world for early Fall

-Druthers Boxer Brief in Navy: Because breaking in jeans is hard work, and it helps to have comfy manties giving you an assist in all the right places

-RRL Slim Narrow Jeans in Black: Not many people know this, but I used to tour with Led Zeppelin and these jeans are literally inviting you backstage to "meet the band" as we speak  

 -Anonymous Ism Sugar Skull 3/4 Crew Socks in Ecru: 'Tis the season (insert Shrugging Guy emoji here). Anonymous Ism's are always a good bet, and the Sugar Skull is probably the coolest sock we've ever seen from them... which is saying a lot

-Lucchese x SOP Jonah Boot in Eastern Rattlesnake: Because I haven't taken these off since unboxing them a month ago, and they mean almost as much to me as close friends and family