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Selah Vie

Sterling Silver Bar Threaders

We discovered Selah Vie jewelry by complete accident strolling through Chelsea Market in NYC over a year ago.  I chatted with the owner/ designer/ maker who was showing her line in an independent maker's market and regretted walking away with buying something.  So, when I got home, I immediately placed an order and found the 1st pair of earrings I've been able to wear in years.  

Whether you're sensitive to jewelry (like me) or just like minimal, modern jewelry that's versatile and comfortable, then you'll become a fan of Selah Vie, too. 


-Made of Sterling Silver 

-Hypoallergenic & safe for those who experience sensitivities to jewelry made from less pure materials

-Minimal, modern design that's incredibly comfortable for daily wear


Measures 1 1/4"


Handmade in New York