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Squash Blossom Turquoise Necklace

$ 2,700.00


The Squash Blossom Turquoise Necklace is one of the most immediately recognizable and coveted pieces of wearable art meets history.  It is believed the Navajo were the first to adopt this design in the 1880s after making contact with Spanish Mexicans, and the squash blossom is regarded as the first truly European influenced Native American art.  This heirloom piece is reserved for vintage jewelry lovers/ collectors (and those not afraid of making a statement wherever you go).  


-Beaded genuine sterling silver chain

-10 "blossoming" embellished settings w/ genuine turquoise stones

-Naja pendant w/ 3 embellished settings w/ genuine turquoise stones


Silver; turquoise stones


14"x3.5" Laying flat


Handmade in USA