Schott NYC Perfecto and cherry pie!

An Evening at Mel's Diner on the Sunset Strip

On a cool, breezy July evening in the summer of 2021, we cruised over to the notorious Sunset Strip to shoot nighttime video with our friend and creative colleague, John Martinez (@cakemaster).  We met Cake in Nashville while setting up and opening our 2020 residency and worked together on various SOP photo projects when discussions quickly turned to video. 

John has a unique style and truly excels at creating nostalgic nighttime dreamscape visual content that we knew would creatively capture LA when the sun sets. Coincidentally, John also shares our love of neon and diners, of which LA has some of the best in the world.  

This video project was intended to capture the feeling of reminiscing about a night out when some of the details are forgotten, the memories are a little bit hazy, and you're left with just a feeling.  As the kids say, issa mood.  

Shot on location at the famous Mel's Diner on The Sunset Strip, featuring the following SOP wares:

  • Rogue Territory River Wash Supply Jacket Indigo | Silveridge Jeans Ecru
  • Last Resort VM001 Suede Low White/ White
  • SOP x Lowercase Hustler Eyeglasses Cola 
  • SOP x H.W. Dog Trucker Hat Metal Logo
  • Schott NYC 613SH Perfecto Black Horsehide
  • Iron Heart 21oz 555-SBG
  • SOP Heartbreaker Boot Black Croc Horse Butt
  • H.W. Dog & Co. US Army Beanie Black
  • Vintage Harley-Davidson Tee

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