Full Count

Full Count & Co. is one of the oldest Japanese denim brands and part of the original 'Osaka 5.'  Launched in 1992, Full Count was the first Made in Japan denim brand to utilize Zimbabwe cotton in constructing their denim fabrics--a practice that's become commonplace today in the premium denim industry.  Owner/ Designer Mikiharu Tsujita is a long-time outspoken advocate for using Zimbabwe cotton in denim fabrics thanks to its unique characteristics, including its innate ability to absorb indigo, weight, luster, and (our personal favorite) uneven slub yarns that yield beautiful vertical fading.  

From a consumer point of view, Full Count & Co. sets the standard for manufacturing very wearable sanforized denim fabrics that are easy to break in & comfortable from the start, thanks to their pre-rinsing process, in understated but great-fitting slim/ straight and modern straight silhouettes.  We especially enjoy the vintage appeal of their unsinged, hairy, slubby fabrics that wear and age incredibly and develop beautiful fading patterns.