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We're happy to now be offering chainstitch hemming, available on our entire jean collection.

Anonymous Ism

Why do we get socks all the way from Japan?  Easy.  Because no other brand offers the level of fit, construction and variety as Anonymous Isms.  They're never, ever "quitters" (i.e. won't stretch out and slip down throughout the day); they wash & wear amazingly; and they are all made of natural, comfortable fibers.  Part of the reason they're so highly coveted and collectable by us and our customers.  

The Anonymous Ism mission: 

"Made of superior in quality and crafted by masters.  Woven with passion in Japan.  All you have to do is just trust us, follow us, let us make you always look awesome.  The Anonymousism goal is to be a team of artists which makes everyone find true happiness."