The Shore Jacket

The Shore Jacket

 Snake Oil Provisions x Ruell and Ray 

Making of the Shore Jacket

 The Shore Jacket made it's official debut at Snake Oil Provisions' Grand Opening part on September 20th.  Only 20 total pieces were produced and a very limited number are now available in store at Snake Oil Provisions and online at and from Ruell and Ray directly at  

What is the Shore Jacket?
Ben:  It’s a chore jacket with a clever name.  For real though, it’s the Ruell and Ray Prison Chore silhouette, which I adore, done with a distinct SOP spin. 
Why did you choose this specific piece for a collaboration? 

Ben: I think everyone knows I’m really into chore jackets.  After SOP picked up Ashley’s Prison Chore in Spring '14, it became the only jacket I wore for months.  The fit is exactly what I want from a chore—it’s a not too slim, not too boxy, ‘just right’ modernized take on an authentic chore. The Ruell and Ray chore is simple but stands apart and is easily recognizable for its details: the 3-pocket front that has a distinct lack of chest pockets; pleated sleeves; traditional 4-button closure; hip length; and, my personal favorite, club collar.  The light weight is perfect for Southern California’s year-round cool nights, and it’s the best layering jacket I own.
From the first time I tried on the Prison Chore, I knew I wanted to do an SOP x R&R exclusive.  I’d been wanting a charcoal canvas piece for a while, and Josh and I had been talking about how rad it’d be to do something with a floral.  We both love us some jackets, were really impressed with Ashley, and were looking for an opportunity to do a limited collaboration with a small maker.  Basically, all the pieces just came together at the right time.  
How did the R&R x SOP collab happen?
Ben: Last April, pretty immediately after SOP got our 1st shipment of Prison Chores, I contacted Ashley about doing a collaboration with us.  When I pitched the idea to Ashley, I mentioned wanting a grey chore.  In my head, I really wanted grey duck canvas, but I’m not sure if I said it out loud or we just saw the same thing in our minds.  I didn’t even know if grey duck canvas was actually even a thing, just thought it would be incredible.  The floral detail was pretty important since it’d been a recurring topic of convo in the SOP camp for months.  We’d been wanting to do something with a rad, unexpected floral detail for a long time, and Ashley was all about it.  
The end result (Shore Jacket) is this unique workwear/ street wear mash up that’s not trying too hard—it’s comfortable, functional, and also happens to look super dope.  I also really like that this piece, to me anyway, embodies a cost-to-coast vibe since it’s made in Georgia, where I grew up, and has a little nod to my new home in Long Beach, CA with the aloha floral and washed canvas that looks kind of sun and salt faded.    
Ashley:  When we were first talking about doing a collaboration of minds, Ben mentioned that he wanted to do something gray.  He may have even said gray duck?  I can't remember.  Either way, the duck screams barn/chore coat to me. The flower print was his idea, and after looking through swatches, I came across this awesome exploded Hawaiian that was canvas.  Took them to the laundry myself to start the fade process but I am excited to see what they look like after a few months.  With Long Beach being a coastal city, it seemed like a perfect fit. 
Where did you guys first meet and how did you end up doing a collab?
Ben:  Ashley and I first met back in 2010 at the West Egg Cafe in Atlanta, where we both lived at the time, for a social/ semi-business meeting.  Ashley was trying to get Ruell and Ray off the ground.  We kept in touch for the next few years and kept crossing paths (virtually), as I moved to California and she moved to Columbia, SC.  
We’ve been in touch pretty regularly since SOP launched officially last October, and I’m really stoked about where R&R is heading.  Ashley’s a rad person and really talented designer.  I’m really excited for her and have really good feelings about the future of R&R.  I knew when I first met her that she had hustle and was going places. 
As far as why do a collaboration with R&R…For me, I really get her aesthetic.  Both of our personal styles are a pretty good mix of workwear and street wear.  I knew she’d just get it. I also really like that this collab has a cost-to-coast vibe, since it’s made in Georgia, where I grew up, and has a little nod to my new home in Long Beach, CA. 

Ashley:  The (Prison Chore) jacket was the first piece that SOP had bought from me, and the response was well received, so it made sense to make it (The Shore Jacket) together.  Working with SOP is special to me because Ben was literally one of the first people that I met in the industry.  I love how things circle back around.  Atlanta was a super special place to me, also because that is where RR came to fruition.
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